lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Vamox icons roadmap

Vamox needs and english version, or at least some bilingual posts.

I've opened a thread in MATE desktop forums in english and another in spanish in the Huayra Linux forums. My main objective is to make Vamox fully compatible with Huayra, Mint, Debian and Crunchbang distros. But to complete this at least I need testers.

Vamox changelog & roadmap

Stuff TO DO:

Icons for GIMP and Inkscape
Docklets icons (Docky, Huayra)
MATE apple and objects in panels
More testing (I need testers)
Wallpapers (?)
Vamox-Ceibo (Red variant)
Vamox-Jacarandá (Violet variant)

v1.9 (MATE version released 27/7/14)

  • Plenty of app icons
  • Complete Control Panel icons (MATE desktop)
  • gpm-inhibition (screensaver blocker)
  • Brightness icon
  • Vamox-mate (Green version, not directly related with mate desktop)
  • Volume icon changed
  • svg icon changed (mimetypes)
  • weather moon and fog fixed
  • repeat media icon
  • Mouse & date-time (control panel)


v1.8 (Released 14/7/14)
  • GTK media foward
  • media eject (caja)
  • NM connecting animations
  • pidgin status icons
  • status/missing image
  • bigger text fixed
  • Banshee icon and shuffle button

v1.7 (Released 25/5/14)
  • home folder
  • images folder
  • new start-here (Huayra logo)
  • corrected ascending
  • dozens of mimetypes redone
  • Started doing this changelog ;)

v1.6 (Released 12/05/14)

  • Tested on Huayra 2.0
  • App icons added and corrected

v1.5 (Released 07/04/09)

  • Categories fixed
  • icons for emesene
  • Weather icons added
  • New GDM Window

v1.0 (Released 19/12/08)

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